Sincere Dialog as a Way of Healing

Visiting the Auschwitz concentration camp during my first trip to Poland made a very deep impression on me. The whole time I feltI was visiting the gates of hell. All sorts of images kept coming up in my mind: Jews being murdered by the Nazis, the ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia, the Nanjing Massacre. Thinking about all the terrible suffering that occurs during war, I entered a sad, pensive state. How can people be so ruthless and cruel? How can these scars of history ever be faced and healed?

As with the Crucifixion of Jesus of the cross, the murder of so many Jews in the Holocaust is a kind of redemption; it serves to wake us up to the fact that such cruelty only results in more suffering for all humanity, and that compassion is the only real solution to human tribulation. Just one thought can save the whole world, and just one thought can also bring the whole world to ruin.

It’s said in the Buddhist scriptures that one lamp is enough to dispel the darkness of a thousand years. So can we find that torch of wisdom which eliminates all conflict? Actually, this torch can be found in our own hearts. In Buddhism there is a saying that goes:

“All things are created by the mind”

Pointing out that our internal thought processes determine how we view the world. We stand here today in this place which has borne witness to such terrible suffering not only to remember the past. For by remembering this dark chapter of history we can see that the difference between heaven and hell lies in our own hearts. Healing begins in our hearts and minds, and is founded on dialogue and mutual understanding. True happiness only comes reconciliation, tolerance, and letting go. It is my hope that we will use our innate luminosity to dispel all darkness, transform everything we do into an expression of unbounded love, and replace our anthropocentric outlook with compassion for all life, mutual understanding, and reconciliation.

Via: Peace Meditation

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