13 Quotes by Master Dharma

1. “Practicing Buddhism means transforming discrimination and attachment into wisdom.”

2. “Attachment is a bad habit; the more you free yourself from its clutches, the fewer your hindrances.”

3. “Why do we experience afflicted mental states? Because the mind is fettered by greed, hatred, delusion, arrogance, and doubt. This is what needs to be given up.”

4. “Life is like an ice sculpture: Good or bad, its bound to melt and disappear. Outer conditions aren’t all that important; inner transformation is what really matters.”

5. “Selflessness leads to happiness; constantly looking out for oneself generates anxiety.”

6. “Regarding your work as a way of serving others brings a sense of mental poise; this is the Buddha-dharma

7. “When your every thought is directed towards benefitting others, others respond in kindness.”

8. “Stepping back and reflecting on the position of others, a big deal turns into a trifling matter. Impatience with minor problems gives rise to conflict and regret.”

9. “Making your mind as vast as the ocean, nothing can disturb you. And any problem that does arise doesn’t affect you, for you see it is nothing more than a dream, an illusion, a bubble, or a shadow.

10. “The more you give, the more you gain; giving less, you shortchange yourself.”

11. “Spiritual practice means allowing all conditioned things to come and go. Everything that arises is bound to pass, so there’s no point in clinging to any of it.”

12. “Buddhism teaches that happiness come from benefitting others and joyful giving, not from fighting to get to the top of the heap.”

13. “Reciting the mantra of Great Compassion helps us overcome obstacles and cultivate wisdom.”

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