One Day Meditation Retreat

Learn the Peace meditation developed by Master Hsin Tao Taught by Dharma Guang Guo Shih

Master Hsin Tao‘s Peace Meditation involves four simple steps: Deep breathing, contemplative awareness, mindful breathing and listening.

If practiced well, each of these steps can cause the seeds of enlightenment to come to full bloom, helping us to achieve stillness and peace of heart and mind. Our world is in need of the seeds of peace and the power of stillness.

Master Hsin Tao invites you to walk with him on a path called “When the heart is at peace, the world is at peace,” and unleash the power of awakening in your heart, for the peace of the Earth and the peace of the World.

This series includes breathing techniques, sitting, walking meditation and Gong Fa, an exercise to balance body and mind.

Please arrive 10 -15 minutes before class. Class will start promptly at 10 am. Wear loose fitting clothes for comfort.


Jan 18 2020


10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Suggested Donation: $25

Hosts / Speakers

Guang Guo Shih


Chan Space New York
219 E 60th St. NY 10002
Chan Space New York


Chan Space New York
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