Free Workshop – Discover Your Body and Mind’s Healing Power 

Qigong, Meditation and Self-Care Acupressure workshop for Body and Mind


In April 30th Special Free Workshop, you will taste what the balance of body and mind is. You will discover one of the essential acupressure points from meridians and learn related Qigong exercises/meditation for healing and wellness/well-being.

There is one guided meditation in each session for the coming course (from May to June) to help you connect your body and mind and reach deep relaxation. Then you will learn how to locate one acupressure point and its specific function, massage technique, and related Qigong exercises to bring the flow and remove the blockage around that area. You will know how to care for yourself when you experience stress, headaches, digestion issues, or sleep problems,

By practicing healthy alignment, meditation, calming Qigong every day, and learning to create a nurturing daily routine, you can experience the balance of body and mind and strengthen your immune system for your overall well-being.


Date: April 30th, 5-6 pm EDT

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Date: May 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th & June 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th

Eight sessions on Fridays 5-6 pm EDT

Price: $180 / 8 sessions ($150 / 8 sessions discount if you register before May 1st)

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“At the beginning of January this year, I was diagnosed with COVID. I was very sick and couldn’t sleep well at night. I even asked the doctor to prescribe sleeping pills for me. In a self-care workshop, Viviane taught us how to practice “deep-relaxation”; I used the method at night, and it’s easy to fall asleep right after. Sleeping pills are not needed at all! Sometimes I don’t have time to take a lunch break during the day, so I sit and relax on the chair for 10 minutes and quickly recover. It’s incredible and wonderful! I am grateful. Thank you so much!

– Angela Lo, Caregiver


“I was injured four years ago in an accident. Doctors tried to give me pills and injections. Viviane showed me a healing stance that would promote health. I did it every day; in the process, I learn to differentiate mental and physical pain and began to feel hopeful. I soon began to take her Qi gong and meditation classes. People have commented on my positive energy. I am now a different person, and I am sharing my practice with my students.”

– Lisa Rosado, P.S 321 Teacher


“I am very grateful for Viviane’s classes because she teaches at a gentle pace that helps me learn easily. Ever since I started taking her classes, I feel more balanced and grounded, calmer, more present, and happier. Thank you, Viviane!”

– Christa Gesztesi


Awarded “Outstanding Educator” Viviane Chen is a devoted practitioner and teacher of TaiChi and Spirituality. She has trained with leading instructors in the United States and Asia, including Master Ping Zhen Cheng (founder of Taichizen -“Enlightened Living”), Master Alex Dong (fourth generation of the renowned Dong family of Taichiquan), Grandmaster Dr. Ye Rui-Chun (disciple of Ye Da Mi-founder of Ye style Taichi) and Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang (the nineteenth generation standard-bearer of the Chen Family Taichiquan.)

Ms. Chen has also studied meditation with Tibetan Master Tsoknyi Rinpoche and received holistic well-being training from numerous institutions. In so doing, she has developed a unique approach to these disciplines’ teaching and practice, integrating key elements of various traditions and creating space to apply them within our fast-paced modern lives.

She shares her personal experience and benefits from Acupressure, Qigong, and Meditation practice, hoping that more people can learn natural ways to take care of their body and mind, especially in challenging times. She believes that a peaceful mind, a compassionate heart, and a healthy body are the keys to a fulfilling life.

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Apr 30 2021


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