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Chan Space New York is part of Ling Jiou Mountain Buddhist Society, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your kind donations help us support the vision of Master Hsin Tao and his quest to make the world a more peaceful place.

Global Family for Love and Peace (GFLP)

In 2001 Master Hsin Tao founded Global Family for Love and Peace, an international NGO, hoping to establish a global network dedicated to promoting interfaith cooperation, protecting holy sites and directing interfaith youth organizations. Through Respect, Tolerance and Love, GFLP advocates peace education, care for the earth, and harmonious coexistence of living beings, to create a better world.

Maha Kusala Yama Monastery Primary School

A beautiful school and orphanage for young children and future monks in Myanmar. Master Hsin Tao was born in Burma and grew up as an orphan. He made it his purpose to help these children rise from poverty and the destruction of war, and to foster Seeds of Peace through education, spiritual awareness and social services.

Naung Mon Farm

Our teas and incense come from Ling Jiou Mountain Eco farm located in the Naung Mon county of the Shan state in Myanmar.

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