Simplified Chinese: 禅 · Traditional Chinese: 禪
Abbr. of Chinese: 禪那 · Pinyin: chánnà
From Sanskrit dhyāna meaning "meditation" or "meditative state”
Japanese: Zen · Korean: Sôn · Vietnamese: Thiền


Chan Space New York

The new Chan Space in Manhattan opens in contrast to a fast paced city life and offers respite and teaching through a program that is dynamic and contemporary in order to encourage curiosity, conversation, reflection and enjoyment. Under the guidance of Venerable Guang Guo Shih, we host meditation classes; special courses on Buddhism for beginners and advanced students; breathing sessions; a yoga and meditation program for adults and teens; special walking meditation sessions; as well as classes on calligraphy; tea appreciation and ritual; monthly spoken word and music events; and quarterly art shows.

Who We Are

“We promote Chan meditation around the world in the hope that this will help people walk on the path leading to peace of heart. We only have on Earth, this home that we all share. We are all members of one global family and we all rely on each of its members to protect this world and every life on it.” – Dharma Master Hsin Tao, Meditation: Why We Practice Chan, 2018.

Get Involved

Learn about Peace meditation and Buddhism. Join the workshops, attend the readings, practice yoga and try our organic teas. Learn more about our projects around the world. Be part of our growing community.

Make A Donation

We really couldn’t do it without the generous support of our friends. Please consider making a donation and help us support Master Hsin Tao’s vision and his quest to make the world a more peaceful place.

Peace Meditation

Practicing meditation is a way to really understand oneself. We often find ourselves in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and we are restless and irritated. We are conditioned by our surroundings and we are often lost and cannot find ourselves. Chan meditation teaches us to listen to silence and to learn how to stabilize our heart so that we can see our true self in the tranquility, while reflecting shows us how to practice meditation and to awaken our perception to true phenomena.

The real Chan helps us navigate between what it seems to be on the surface and find true happiness and wisdom. To find Peace.

Chan practice is not a religion, but an effective method to learn about ourselves and to achieve physical wellness. Dharma Master Hsin Tao developed the Peace Meditation of Ling Jiou Mountain. Based on the Four Steps of Chan, this practice includes: breathing, sitting, walking and moving meditation (Gong Fa). Practicing the Four Steps and listening to the sound of silence help us to return to our origin and find our own serenity.