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We promote Chan meditation around the world in the hope that this will help people walk on the path leading to peace of heart. We only have on Earth, this home that we all share. We are all members of one global family and we all rely on each of its members to protect this world and every life on it.
Dharma Master Hsin Tao


Here On Earth
Youth Film Project 2022

The ocean controls our climate and weather patterns. How much do you know about the water where you live? Join us and investigate this question by making a film. Your film can make a difference for the future of our planet-share your voice!

Click HERE to watch our Earth Week trailer from 2021!

Contact us for a free Here on Earth Watch Party to see student films & hear their ocean stories.


Meditation & Chanting

From March 27th to May 15th, Chan Space will be hosting weekly in-person meditation workshops on Sundays, 10:30am – 11:15am EDT.

Course Introduction: Our world is in need of the seeds of peace and the power of stillness. Dharma Master Hsin Tao invites you to walk with him on a path called “When the heart is at peace, the world is at peace” and unleash the power of awakening in your heart, for the peace of the Earth and the World.

Teacher: Ven. Guang Guo Shih is the guiding dharma teacher of Chan Space New York. She has been working closely with Dharma Master Hsin Tao translating his Dharma talks, attending international events and collaborating with universities such as Yale, Harvard and the University of France in Paris.

Suggested Donation: $20 per session or $150 for all 8 sessions. 

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Meditative Healing

Qigong Chan Workshop for Well-Being

In this workshop you will learn various practices, including Qigong with Taichi elements for energy flow, body-mind connection, breathing techniques, and sitting meditation practice to calm the mind/body and rejuvenate. Join us and have a taste of what the Meditative Healing-Qigong Chan Course has to offer.

More workshops coming in 2022, please contact or subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

Peace Meditation

Practicing meditation is a way to really understand oneself. Chan meditation teaches us to listen to silence and to learn how to stabilize our heart so that we can see our true self in the tranquility, while reflecting shows us how to practice meditation and to awaken our perception to true phenomena.

Chan practice is not a religion, but an effective method to learn about ourselves and to achieve physical wellness. Dharma Master Hsin Tao developed the Peace Meditation of Ling Jiou Mountain. Based on the Four Steps of Chan, this practice includes: breathing, sitting, walking and moving meditation (Gong Fa). Practicing the Four Steps and listening to the sound of silence help us to return to our origin and find our own serenity.

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